Who Turned Out the Lights?

Get fast and efficient electrical repair services in Rockford & Maryville, TN or the surrounding area

Maybe you've reset the circuit breaker and flipped the light switch on and off a few times, but you just can't figure out why your light fixture isn't working. Our electrician can help. If you need electrical troubleshooting services in Rockford & Maryville, TN or the surrounding area, Allard Electric Service is the company to call.

You can rely on our electrician to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. Call 865-257-6641 now to arrange for electrical repair services.

Get to the bottom of your electrical problem

Our experienced technician specializes in electrical troubleshooting services. You can count on him to fix a faulty:

  • Switch
  • Outlet
  • Light fixture
  • Motion sensor
  • Ceiling fan

If one of your outlets or light fixtures isn't working correctly, don't risk injury or property damage trying to troubleshoot it yourself. Turn to our skilled technician for effective electrical repair services.