Make the Switch to a Modern Electrical Panel

Look to us for electrical panel installations and upgrades in the Rockford, Maryville & Alcoa, TN area

You're excited to try out the latest devices, appliances and gadgets - but the electrical system in your home might not provide enough electricity to support those modern devices. Luckily, our electrician can fix that problem. Allard Electric Service offers electrical panel upgrades in Rockford, Maryville, Alcoa, TN and the surrounding area.

Our electrician can also install electrical panels for new homes and additions. Call 865-257-6641 now to schedule an electrical panel installation.

How do you know if you need a panel upgrade?

You may need to schedule an electrical panel upgrade if:

  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently
  • You're planning a home addition project
  • You've recently upgraded your appliances
  • You're planning to install a pool or hot tub
  • Your home is 25+ years old

Not sure if you need a new electrical panel installation? Get in touch with our electrician today. He can discuss your needs and concerns with you can help you find the best electrical solution for your home.